Yishay Zimrah Inspires People To Take The Old Path Shown By The Preachers Of Peace In The Song ‘THE ONLY WAY’

Yishay Zimrah Inspires People To Take The Old Path Shown By The Preachers Of Peace In The Song ‘THE ONLY WAY’

Yishay Zimrah

The versatile singer Yishay Zimrah wants to set an example of being a righteous and spiritual artist of this generation with the latest single ‘THE ONLY WAY’.

Las Vegas, Jul 26, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The truth seeker and pacific singer Yishay Zimrah need no introduction in the music industry because he is already famous for his sincere music production. He shows tremendous faith in the epithet of God, the Most High YAH, and inspires people to see the light that he shared with the age-old prophecies in the Bible. As a follower of the peaceful religion, the proud Israelite has produced a new song called THE ONLY WAY‘ to show mankind the only way to save the sinners’ souls and seek the purgatory by believing God’s plans for the world. His deep voice and an outlandish intro make the song different from his other creations. He transformed into a spiritual artist and focuses to spread love and guidance in the disoriented world.  

Yishay Zimrah bonded with music since he started chuckling in his cradle while listening to Marvin Gaye and Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. He received all the support and faith he needed to grow with his passion for music from his parents. But, life had other plans for him, and as it hit him with rough waves that took him away from his family and the picture-perfect life for a while. He was released from the psychiatric hospital just before Halloween night. He was only 15 years old back then and instantly made a song about the corrupted mind he cured and the devilish thoughts inside his mind, calling it ‘Mind of the Insane’.

When Yishay made the song ‘THE ONLY WAY’, he wanted to connect with his people who felt the same about the new way of leading life and surrendered themselves under the blessing of God almighty to gather courage against the struggle of plebeians. He understands the agony of downtrodden souls and tries to give them hope and strength with popular songs like ‘DRY BONES (Wake Up Judah)’ and ‘Destiny’. People will always remember as the messiah of peace and justice through the grind of hip hop music with spirituality. Get all the latest information on his new releases on Instagram, Reverbnation, and Facebook.


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