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Publisher ‏ : ‎ Authors Press (April 6, 2023)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 204 pages

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1643148052

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1643148052

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William A. Stricklin is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar who earned his AB with honors Phi Beta Kappa at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1959. He was Cal student body president and selected as the outstanding cadet of the United States Army ROTC program at UC Berkeley; then trained at Fort Lewis, Washington; then Infantry Officer Training School at Fort Benning, Georgia, qualified as an expert using Army .45 caliber pistols, M-1 rifles and anti-tank bazookas. Cloak-and-dagger training at U.S. Army Counterintelligence School, Fort Holabird, Maryland, followed, learning Cold War spy-craft; six years active and reserve military service – then service as Correspondence Assistant to the Vice President of the United States for the final eighteen months of the Eisenhower Administration; followed by earning doctor of laws JD degree at Harvard Law School in 1964. For 20 years William A. Stricklin continues working for the Federal government headquartered in San Francisco while he lives in Alameda, California, with his wife Rebecca Robbins PhD and their two cats Zorro and Jupiter. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Mary Eliska Girl Detective - The Mystery of the Secret Passage



By: William Stricklin

This is a classic detective mystery. Briefly, the plot concerns the death of a reclusive, elderly lady, who is the aunt to the female love interest and her brother, and sister to their mother. The investigating girl detective is among the school friends of the male love interest engaged to the female. The problem in this book would seem to be, ‘who dun it’. Readers may be pulled in at the start by the appealing young woman Jax Gray who shows up needing a job as maid to a rather haughty old woman. Two lovers are the heart of the problem throughout the book. In this story Mary Eliska Girl Detective herself is seeking and finding someone to love — and at times she may seem to be unprofessional for a police officer. The male love interest is a pure-bred British Gentleman, strong on sports, short on brains, impulsive in behavior. While Mary Eliska is in pursuit of a solution, readers run into two women daffy about the British Gentleman, his Uncle who loved a woman who was related to most of the protagonists and who fell to her death twenty years before, a gambling house owned by one of those who loved the Gentleman, and a bevy of others who are related in some fashion to those who enter into the action. There is a counterfeiting ring involving relatives of the protagonists some twenty years before. Early in the book an old and a bit strange woman is found murdered at her home and it just so happens that not too long before she is discovered, her servants were just chatting among themselves about the unusual household. There is a very complex maze from which for most of the tale you’ll be wondering just how to emerge. You may be wondering where and when the ‘secret passage’ part comes in which is explained in its entirety only after readers get half-way through the book. It is a good mystery story, with loads of characters; an interesting tale with elements of excitement while readers wait for Mary Eliska Girl Detective to find the answers. Some of the characters are somewhat inexplicable in their motivations until the puzzle is revealed completely. All the clues are there, but finding the solution is a challenge.



William Stricklin

William Stricklin


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