Vinayagaura and Padmaksi Sri’s New Song ‘Gorungo Addiction’ Becomes the Instrument of Spiritual Motivation

Vinayagaura and Padmaksi Sri’s New Song ‘Gorungo Addiction’ Becomes the Instrument of Spiritual Motivation

KneeTie GoRunGo

A new group of Detroit rappers VinayaGaura and Padmaksi Sri bend towards the contemporary pop sound to make a beautiful and motivational single ‘GoRunGo Addiction’.

Detroit, Sep 16, 2020 ( – VinayaGaura and Padmaksi Sri‘s newly formed music group KneeTieGoRunGo is the bridge where optimism meets creativity to produce a musical journey that is bound to inspire and set the road to the soul’s emancipation. Upcoming Detroit rappers are ready to impart the magic of aesthesis of pop and hip hop music from their new songs that will help the listeners to fight with their inner conflicts and calm their dominating senses. They are popular for their therapeutic music that flows boundlessly interlaced with rhythms that bring peace and spread positivity. GoRunGo Addiction‘ is the latest addition to their own house of meditational music that implores the world to be strong against any kind of addiction. Music can bring true hallelujah of life.  

They want to be immortal in the world with their overwhelming prowess of forging a connection with people’s souls through the powerful and uniquely organic waves of melodies they have produced. Music has no language; it is the potpourri of vibes, and you can feel the aspiration with their music. They have made several songs that are meditational and inspirational with the unthinkable blend of hip hop and pop music to come across a wider audience. They want to help the miserable and timid souls who are afraid of the reality and prone to get succumbed into the darkness of loneliness, hallucination due to abusive drug use. Meditation is the homogeneous mixture of science, history, and positivity that allows a person to courageous again and attain the avidity to live again as God has created us.

VinayaGaura and Padmaksi Sri try to help the youth and all the trapped souls in the quagmire of addictions with the new pop song ‘GoRunGo Addiction’. It was released by KneeTieGoRunGo on SoundCloud with the sterling intention to save the world from the iniquity. Addiction has become a major crisis within the society that needs to be cleansed. It becomes the voice of the youth and the anthem of the fighters who are fighting a silent battle with themselves.

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