US Review of Books: The Princess Who Wept Diamonds

US Review of Books: The Princess Who Wept Diamonds

Congratulations to The Princess Who Wept Diamonds written by Frank Tropea for receiving a RECOMMENDED rating from the US Review of Books.

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“Her parents had arranged her marriage to the very cruel Prince Philip in order for her to cry these endless
streams of diamonds!”

Would it be a blessing or a curse to weep diamonds and gems? For Princess Ellida, it is a curse. Her parents, the King and Queen of Lyonnesse, care more for wealth than their own daughter. In their greed, they use cruelty to make her cry so they can accumulate jewels. Though Ellida possesses beautiful gowns and eats of the finest foods, hers isn’t a happy life. She is tortured psychologically from a young age. Her parents’ lust for wealth knows no limits, and Ellida grows to believe all the horrible things she is told in order to make her cry. When she becomes of age, her parents promise her hand in marriage to a cruel prince, and to save herself and her beloved kitten, Jasmine, Ellida escapes. Encountering danger on the road to freedom, Ellida is saved by her fairy godmother, who ferries her away to safety. With the help of her fairy godmother, Ellida becomes “Belinda” and finds refuge with a widow and her son, Tom. She finds the loving home she never had with this kind woman and her son but must keep her true identity from them for their own well-being.

This tale of a cursed princess and the family that shelters her after her escape from her cruel parents is a delight. Tropea, an accomplished writer with many other books to his credit, weaves psychological aspects into his tale of greed and lust for wealth in this poignant but heartwarming story of a young girl tormented by those who are supposed to be looking after her welfare. Ellida’s self-esteem is shattered by her parent’s cruelty toward her, and she must find her way alone. This story pulls readers deep into the protagonist’s world as Ellida searches for the meaning of wealth. It is filled with valuable life lessons that both young and old alike will enjoy as they follow her plight.

That the author should craft a book with such an intriguing theme and plot should come as no surprise in light of his educational background. A love of reading led him to pursue a degree in literature after leaving the Navy, a study path that eventually resulted in his receiving a master’s degree in literature and psychology from Harvard. His interest in the paranormal resulted in his work Go Ask the Dead, the story of a girl who is haunted by her past and a Confederate officer with whom she has an affair. Two of his other books are the horror tale Dark Hunger and Dark Star Rising, the latter being a novel with a diabolical plot involving the forces of evil and their desire to bring to life the Antichrist and a Satanic world order. With a body of work like this, Ellida’s tale of psychological cruelty, fantasy, and soul-searching seems almost par for the course.

Though Ellida’s story is a fairytale, there is much to be found in this novel that will appeal to many readers. Adults, as well as children, will delight in this tale that deals with greed, psychological torment, love for animals, and discovering one’s true self. There are treasures to be discovered within its pages. Parents and teachers alike will find it a source for meaningful discussion on a variety of topics. This book would make a wonderful addition to both classrooms and personal libraries. In short, it is a fascinating find.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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