US Review of Books: Souls from Mercury

US Review of Books: Souls from Mercury

Congratulations to Souls from Mercury written by Raju Ramanathan for receiving a RECOMMENDED rating from the US Review of Books.

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“When you love the enemies sufficiently, and ask for their forgiveness, the persecutors will change their heart too.”

Many people feel a lack of fulfillment or enlightenment in their lives and turn to religion, written manuals, or vices to try and create a sense of peace. In this analysis that draws from the premise of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Ramanathan creates a roadmap of awakening chakras and using meditation to become a “Soul from Mercury” in pursuit of wisdom and to rise above the divisions of humanity. Instead of teaching the reader how to meditate and providing a how-to guide, this book is written in a way that explains the result more than the process, acknowledging that everybody has different needs and perspectives. Starting from the first chakra all the way to the seventh, Ramanathan shares his insights and teachings with the reader, regardless of their familiarity with the subject.

Each chapter examines a specific chakra, providing insight on how to find peace and contentment on each of the levels of human and introspective existence. From the root chakras to the crown, readers of this book will be able to enhance their own understanding of themselves and spirituality step-by-step and at their own pace. Ramanathan’s findings transcend a single organized religion, and he draws from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and more to find examples of familiar concepts that help explain his teachings. The desired result for a reader of this book is to find a path to a more personal, self experienced religion and relationship with God.

US review of Books souls from mercury

No matter where you stand on the path to self-respect and actualization, this book has plenty of thought exercises, meditation techniques, and poignant questions to help get you there. Written in an interesting fashion that asks questions for the reader of the author and provided with his expertise and insight, this book anticipates a lot of the confusion and misunderstandings that come with people embarking on a journey of spiritual growth and realignment. While talk of chakras and yoga may be intimidating to an uninformed Western audience, the author’s approach is universally human and constantly presents cultural reference points. Readers with a Christian background will find plenty of familiar ground, as the teachings of Jesus, the ten commandments, the beatitudes, and more feature prominently as guidelines of how the chakras are alluded to and a tool to create a more open relationship with God. Complex concepts come with prerequisite warnings, but the reader will come away feeling confident that they can reflect on difficult subjects and grow their spirit from within.

The final section of the book is a lengthy interview between the author and one of his friends that details events and occurrences that took place on his own spiritual journey, providing the reader with a glimpse of how he applied what he teaches in his own life and offering background into the person that he has become over time. While something of an appendix to the main text, this chapter is important because of how it humanizes the teacher, the significance of which comes through the lessons of all the previous chapters. Ramanathan’s style is enthusiastic, playful, and encouraging while also being mindful and respectful of the gravity of such an undertaking and the struggles that people will experience along the way. The tenets of love and respect for all, including oneself and God, are so universal that readers of any branch of faith should pick up this book and identify what holds them back and what can push them beyond their limits. Ramanathan’s book is full of profound, powerful ideas presented by a master who clearly loves to teach and share.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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