The California Rapper B. Nigo Spreads his Artistic Charm Through ‘TOP 5 (prod.Flashyuno)’

The California Rapper B. Nigo Spreads his Artistic Charm Through ‘TOP 5 (prod.Flashyuno)’

TOP 5 prodFlashyuno by BNigo

An unusual tune with dreamy keys and the use of voices as a percussive driving force, coupled with soulful lead vocals, puts Deeper Than in a unique sound world all its own.

California City, Sep 15, 2020 ( – The various layers of musicality are the real feature of this latest track from the California rapper. The weight introduced in the opening moments has been beautifully carried throughout the presentation and measured perfectly to build the structure. The texture and color of the track have been maintained throughout its lifespan. Produced by Flashyuno, ‘TOP 5’ is an amazing piece of sound that retains the interest of the audiences within the tone that impresses them through the layers of vibrancy and brightness. Clocking in at a little more than two minutes, this track by B. Nigo has been provided with the chance of exploring all the patters of artistry.

The classic hip hop arrangement of the track has been well-portrayed through the emotive songwriting and the expressive tempo. Presented through the buckets of awesomeness, this track has offered authenticity to the premise. The captured moments are intimate and very close to the entrancing harmonies of the genre. The offered sections of TOP 5‘ are rhythmically angular, smooth, and offer an exotic feel. The well-syncopated and smooth vibes of the track have been well-placed within the enchanting rhymes that feel personal and powerful. The extended form of instrumentation has led to the immense success of this track. You can feel the synths of the track from the very beginning.

The component that has set it apart from any other contemporary release is the sound design – this has driven the entire arrangement in a greater way, offering tunes that are always in sync with the structure. The premise of this track is compelling and ever-shifting – B. Nigo has always had the upper hand in music-making. Be it ‘1up’, ‘Bitch. Nigga. I. Go ( LowTheGreat)’, or ‘Hunnits (Prod.ByFbeats)’, the artist has always managed to fascinate the audiences. Listen to him on SoundCloud and follow through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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