South Bronx Hiphop Artist VStheWORLDD Embraces his Unique Style and Attitude in Latest Tracks

South Bronx Hiphop Artist VStheWORLDD Embraces his Unique Style and Attitude in Latest Tracks


South Bronx hip hop artist VStheWORLDD gives the hip-hop landscape ample count of reasons to celebrate his name and style with the launch of his new songs.

New York City, Sep 13, 2020 ( – A truly prolific rapper who deserves a big shout-out for his tremendous musical potential is artist VStheWORLDD. With his extraordinary vocal pitch and contemporary free-styling rap style, the South Bronx hip hop artist has brought a massive shift in the way the audience perceives hip-hop and is leading the mainstream hip-hop with his matchless sound. The versatile artist has an adaptive voice that quickly resonates with the audience of this competitive genre and his unique compositions are more than just catchy. By overcoming all difficulties and challenges that the year 2020 has bestowed upon all, the artist has stood out with his remarkable trail of anthem-like songs.

To give the listeners the right dosage of punch with his artistry, the rapper has released his new EP ‘Geist EP‘ that surprises the listener on every level. From the selection of beats to the diverse melodies to the engaging bass-line, and the memorable lyrics, the songs have everything required to become a solid hit with the listeners. There are songs like ‘Slimey Freestyle‘, ‘CRAZY, ‘This Is It’, and ‘Bully’ that highly uplift his style as the rapper catches attention with his underground hip-hop sty;e and brings a new form of rap delivery to the table. The artist’s word throw is bold and unapologetic and remains in full-power to create lasting impact. His raw and genuine passion for hip-hop is evident through the soundtracks as he is someone who strives to be the product of hope and not the product of society.

Coming from New York, VStheWORLDD has composed all the songs under his label Product Of Hope and has evolved greatly during this time of lockdown. He is the one with a good heart, trying to bring a change in the rap game with his skills and talent and that’s how ‘Slimey Freestyle’ has become a hit track. Also, ‘CRAZY’ adds another level of appreciation to his list of fame. Listen to his ‘Geist EP’ on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for further details.

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