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The Origins of AIDS and Autism


Ronald L. Besser first learned to scribe from the celestial archives decades ago. In a revelatory presentation inspired by his ability to connect to medical professionals beyond the realm of Earth, he offers many unique insights into our history and medical conditions as our world continues to battle deadly contagions and a pandemic.

Hard Land: Innocents Lost


Descriptive panoramas of endless forests, towering mountains, running rivers, and tumbling waterfalls are woven through all facets of the book. The stirring beauty of the roiling ocean and rugged coastline provides stunning background imagery. The story is colored with Irish folktales and sayings as well as early American pioneering customs, skills, and ways of life.

Cure of Violence: Stop Bullying and You Will Stop Gun Violence


It has been challenging to me for years to do this. Many of these principles have assisted in my growth and developmental. I have lived and walked by this daily My prayer life has been charged with these principles Living in contact promptings of the Holy Spirit is a reality.

A Change in Perception


In this book; “A Change in Perception” Sherryl with her Spirit Team shares with you her personal experiences connecting with her Team of friends and relatives that have crossed over, Angels and Light Beings…

The Ghost of Bertha Mae


Yvette Hardin was born to a narcissistic mother who detested her from the moment she entered the world. Over the years, her mother, Bertha Mae, began to strike, curse, belittle, neglect, and demand Yvette do household chores…

Remembering Death


Felicia Greene lives a life of solitude. After a chance meeting in a club with Clayton Harlow, Felicia’s peaceful world is threatened to be exposed and shattered. When trying to run-and even changing her name-does not work, she is drawn into the search for a dormant vampire. With limited options, she is forced to comply. Finding a resolution to keep her own dark secrets and survive will prove to be more complicated than she can imagine.

I Am A Sheep?!?!


If someone were to call you a sheep, you might take offense to it. However, in the eyes of God, being His sheep is meant in a loving way as one cared for by the Good Shepherd, Jesus. Author Debbie Cole learned of this truth during a period of struggle in her life…

Think But A Thought!


Think but a thought Let it swirl and be made For you are the Ringmaster and I am the same Every day is meant to be an adventure. Jump in and discover what happens when you open your mind and allow your thoughts to flow! Think But A Thought! is a beautifully illustrated action adventure picture book, written for children of all ages to enjoy. This intriguing story offers an opportunity for adult readers to remember, reflect, and wonder as they read aloud to young listeners. A book to be enjoyed through the ages and remembered fondly as a favorite.

Hurricane Katrina: One Man’s Defining Moment of Reference


This book is a very personal account of my life during a two-week period in August of 2005. The timeframe begins one week prior to Hurricane Katrina, through one week after Hurricane Katrina battered the Northern Gulf of Mexico’s entire coastline.

Learning Together With Sally and Kate


Sally and Kate are the best of friends, and they want to show you that learning is fun! Join them as they teach your children the basic shapes for building a snowman, of course while having a blast! Learning Together with Sally and Kate is a fun little book for teaching basic math concepts to little children.

The Fallen


Meggie’s Day at the Fair


Aunt Jennie’s farm is one of Meggie’s favorite places to go. She loves the horses and all the other animals. Meggie is excited to go and see all the animals at a new place called a fair. This will be the first time Meggie will go to the fair. What adventures will be waiting for her there?

Heaven Is a Long Way to Go


Book Summary: Heaven Is A Long Way to Go This non-fiction book takes the reader into the hopes, hardships, and tragedies of four generations of ambitious individuals, connected by lineage and marriage…

The Tidings: Volume One, November 1943 To January 1945


The Creator has revealed the full truth to man. This book tells how the universe was created – and why – and how man fits into the scheme of the universe.

Naughty and Nice, Happy and Sad


My name is Bertha Gallegos Allen. You will read how my husband and I took care of my mother and her husband’s mother while we worked at the preschool. In the book, you will read parts that are sad, and you will also cry.

Never Alone


He is your average, fun-loving boy. He has everything and a bright future set out in front of him. Why does he choose to try to commit suicide one night while alone in his room? We may never know, but no one has to face problems, hurts, and loneliness alone. Never Alone offers help to those who think about suicide and those who know someone who is hurting.

A Universe Full of Magical Things


Traditional science holds that everything that exists starts with matter, but this undocumented belief must be false, according to Quantum Mechanics. It has to be! QM demonstrates that – There is no such thing as matter or space or time – A conscious observer is a necessary condition for anything to exist.

The Barkuu: Dawn of a Species


An ancient race of beings set forth events that cull humanity and force them back into a natural species. They rectify the planet and move in, using people’s own biology to design bodies for this planet. Hundreds of years later, mankind is hunted like animals and treated like livestock. How will humanity fare, when subjugation by a truly advanced species is their only option?

Jews, Muslims, and Christians: Let’s Talk About God


As Jews, Christians, and Muslims, we all worship the same God. Yes, our languages are different, Yahweh, God, and Allah, but our roots are in the same place. This book is my understanding of God, people, prophets, concepts, and beings shared by fellow believers (Jews, Christians, and Muslims).

Crystal Cove: A Novel by Sally Suen


The Atlantic Mystery


There was a young teenage girl, Jessica, who felt something missing in her life. During this time, she often visited a cliff called the Majestic. She felt closer to something each time she went to look out over the ocean. One evening, she had an argument with her mother and ran off to her favorite place for an escape from her pain. Later that same evening, she discovered ancient relics where she sat. She decidedly went to get the help of her friend Matteo.

An Obstacomer s Journey Through Foresight and Hindsight


In October 2019, I finally made the decision to publish this twenty–day devotional on God’s continued faithfulness in my life. First, I created an outline of key topics and life lessons I wanted to impart into the lives of my readers, which made me realize I had a lot more to share than just a few pages. My hope with this devotional is to encourage orphans, vulnerable youth around the world, and anyone who has had to overcome many obstacles throughout life.

The Nightwatchman


Is God interested in your everyday life, trials, sorrows, grief?….. Yes, indeed. How often have we heard people say, “God doesn’t care about our troubles”, and “God helps those who help themselves”. Well, people can live that way for a while, as long as they have the strength-but, the time comes, when strength fails, and many fall into the ditch of life, and never get up.

Dad’s Journey: The One That Taught Us How to Love


Dad’s Journey tells the story of one family who rely on each other to endure a life-changing event. When Arnie Kustka became a paraplegic from a blood infection, his life turned upside down. The list of things that he would no longer be able to do grew. The challenges that he needed to overcome increased.

A Wish Granted: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution


Allow yourself to be brought back to a time where Mary shares the details of Jesus’ birth and where a dragon king befriends you. Each day brings new experiences in The Joy Chronicles. Take a breath, step inside, and await the adventures set out before you.

New American Culture Race


“New American Culture Race” is a short treatise about societal unrest, COVID-19 and its affect on American society and our evolution as a culture in response to the threat. From protests to policy, Jerry Unis notes the distinct American culture and how it is visible in moments like this. When we respond to crisis we respond primarily as Americans. What he has captured in the book is that American culture is growing, learning, and changing.

When Two Worlds Collide


When Two Worlds Collide is a story about a young couple who find themselves in another world. The wizard Tabuline and all his companions work with Mark, Jane, and their dog, Max, to overcome the existing dangers as well as coping with the adjacent world. Together, with the help of the people of the other world, they work to destroy the evils within.

Obsessed With God: Exploring Intimacy With God


I decided to write this book because of something my granddaughter said about me. She told her mother that “grandma is obsessed with God.” When I found out her opinion of me, I said, “Praise God! She gets me!”

The Three Witches and the Three-Headed Dagger: Book One


Cadence Mage is immortal, and over two hundred years old. He is the most feared demon hunter there ever was. Cadence summons lightning at will while wielding his sword named Ethereal, fighting monsters and demons in his dreams to send them back to hell to be beaten and tortured by the king for escaping his eternal fires…