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Art of Shadows


Art of Shadows is set after a great war that ended in the Kingdom of Tokai. The kingdom is currently experiencing a time of peace, but in an age of kings that are determined to keep power, all are skeptical of one another. Soldiers that fought bravely in the Talarian War, now that the war has ended, find themselves without a steady income, and many have turned into swords for hire. These men and women are champions to the people but are often looked down upon by the ruling families of the land.

Battle of the Plastics: The Animals Story


The SAFETY of animals is here for all to read! From land, to different seas, the animals are in need. They are all counting on you, and the world is too! The BATTLE between the animals and the plastics. Don’t you know my friend that plastics are drastic?

God Plants a Garden: A Different Kind of Love Story

What in the world was God thinking when He began creation? Have you ever wondered why God even wanted to create our world in the first place? Have you ever thought about the decisions God had to make each day as He went through the creation process?

Until Death Does Its Part


Until Death Does Its Part is a term people equate to a ceremony or consider useful only in a matrimonial vow. However, it is pertinent in the lives of Christians every day. The Light affliction that God’s chosen people suffer and die to are for a more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. Death has to do its part in us, meaning the dying of one’s self to the will of our creator God. When we choose to give God what he is longing for in our lives without compromise, we reap the benefits of a peaceable fruit. Death has a part in living the victorious abundant life. God’s son died for us, and we must die to self without reservation.

Son of a Poacher: Wyoming Warden in the Making


So just how bad do you want to be a Wyoming Game Warden? This non-fiction book written by author Scott C. Werbelow takes the reader on an autobiographical journey from his earliest memories of growing up on a remote Wyoming ranch to his first day on the job as an “Official” Wyoming Game Warden nearly 20 years later.

The Unexpected Journey


If you’re going through any traumatic, life-changing experience (mental or physical illness, joblessness, homelessness, incarceration, stress from a family member incarcerated, loss of a loved one, depression caused by anything from systemic racism, sexism, ageism to uncertainty about tomorrow), believe you can overcome it, and know you’re not alone.

Last Saturday: Before Jesus Christ Returns


We live in perilous times, and author Jaren L. Jones believes that events and signs preceding the second coming of Jesus Christ to earth can be seen every day around the world. In Last Saturday, Jones raises an alarm and warning.

Go Along Way


A collection of poems containing the ups and downs of life and every life aspect you, or someone you may know, will go through. This is a spiritual life back guide to finding oneself. And finding love and peace with others. Take with the experience you get from this book that you are not alone in your struggles, that you, too, will carry on a wisdom and a new view.

The Last Crusader


A crusader named Brock has a dream of impending doom-of him, his comrades, and the town of Cornwallis-from goblins and trolls. Was the dream just a dream? Or was it a vision of the future that he and his friends need to be ready for?

Bruised Purple Hearts: Ghosts of the Usa


It is the early sixties as Matt Conklin and his twin brother, Max, graduate from high school amid interesting yet chaotic times that include the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, and the rise of feminism, gay rights, and the use of psychedelic drugs.

Bruno’s Will to Heal


This is a true story that our family experienced. Dr. Rod made a plan, but was not at all encouraged. We thought Bruno would not leave the Animal Hospital alive. It is my hope that this story of “Bruno’s Fighting Spirit” can come to life!

Recipes Change: A culinary journey through 5 generations


There are classical recipes that never change, cutting-edge recipes that are trendy, and then there are family recipes. Family recipes are handed down from generation to generation, but do they remain the same? Not always!



Have you ever criticized yourself because of how you look? Are there parts of your body you do not like? As a mental health professional for children, teens, and adults, many people come in with self-esteem issues and often complain about their flaws.

Live or Die: Act II


This book is written for you. Its a story that is your story. It is a wise and witty story of 20-plus years of work with medical professionals, hospitals and survivors of critical illnesses around the country. It is a story of hope and practical advice for victims and survivors of any serious illness and their families. And it is about life and values that grew with each step the author took to help heal others.

Poems and Sea Stories


Taking readers aboard a ship of memories, author James B. Rudd relives his unforgettable days as a U.S. Navy Officer and offers some poignant insight in a book released through Xlibris. Poems and Sea Stories is a highly moving collection of literary pieces that reminds of days past and celebrates the treasure of living life today.

Jah Is Our God


It is written: what had been hidden from the wise and prudent, has now been made known to babes and suckling, Here’s a book that has revealed the truth about the NAME of the God of Creation. And we cannot truly call upon the name of the Lord, as the Bible entreats us to do, if we don’t KNOW His name. Many people have written books about the name(s) of God. And what’s disheartening, is that not one of those so-called names is the REVEALED name of God.

The Residents of Alabaster Court


Seventeen-years ago in the city of Lexington, Kentucky, a young woman’s body was found floating face down in a backyard pool in Alabaster Court. The brutal and shocking murder left no signs of evidence except that one of her red tennis shoes was missing.

Stolen Honours


The agents of the Time Bureau, working within the protection of the towering Px Dome, scour history for anomalies. Part historian, part detective, they are the only thing defending reality from the time shifts and paradox waves caused when rogue factors try to steal from the past or rewrite history for their personal gain.

Matthias and the Kingdom of Kush


Jesus, Son of God, walked among us until betrayed by one of the twelve. This novel is the telling of the journey undertaken by the disciple Matthias, the man chosen to pick up the mantel discarded by Judas, and to bring the message of Christ to the remote African kingdom known as Kush, a land of beliefs as ingrained as those of Rome and Egypt. Although Matthias never fully understood the reasoning behind his selection to carry out such an important task, he undertook his mission willingly and, as a result, helped to convert a civilization.

Under Vesuvius: A Reflective Travelogue in Verse and Prose


Under Vesuvius: A Reflective Travelogue in Verse and Prose traces a 2016 vacation in and around Sorrento, Italy. In the spirit of the Grand Tour and Mark Twain’s Innocents Abroad, the author writes about sights and sounds of the Italian countryside, shorelines and islands around the Tyrrhenian Sea, from Naples to the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Ischia and Capri.

We Found Them


On May 6, 2013, Cleveland Police Officer Anthony Espada’s life changed forever. The call came in requesting help at 2210 Seymour Avenue where a young woman claimed to be Amanda Berry, who had been missing for ten years. Espada and his partner arrived on the scene and confirmed the woman in question was indeed Amanda Berry and rescued her and two other women.

The Trouble with Nature: Freedom Tree


Freedom Tree encompasses a unique race of bees that exist in an autonomous society. A race of bees, and wasps living a life, we as humanians never see are thriving together to survive natures troubles.

The Powerful Bully Elk


The Powerful Bully Elk tells the story of a boy who has a crazy dream, in fact a nightmare, about an elk that chases him through various scenes and bullies him along the way. This tale brings to life the tactics a bully might use in real life. It also highlights two important factors to consider regarding bullying behavior and what sets bullying apart from lower-level conflict.

God Has a Plan


I was a student of the Bible from an early age. I was always fascinated by the stories from both the Old and New Testaments and always tried to apply the lessons learned to my own life. After spending years as a Sunday School Teacher, the Bible stories have stayed with me. I read the Bible every day; it has helped me enormously over the years.

Kur’s Rage: Part 1 of the Duaredheim Staff Saga


Magic, fairy races, dragons, and a wide pantheon of gods weave a fine tapestry in Kur’s Rage. Triumph of the spirit and the love and loyalty of its characters are what set it apart.

Tales of the Elder Statesman


In and around Rough Edge (The western side of the village of St. Stephens, Alabama) several crusty old gentlemen lived. In his young days Edward was often enthralled by the tales these old men told. Over the years many tales accumulated in his repertory. Edward often regaled gatherings of the good people of St. Stephens with those stories. He was told by many, “you should write a book containing these stories.”

Meet Beans and Basil: Rottweiler Puppies


Spot On: Chaos at the Dog Rescue


In this second book in the Spot On series, join Lynn and her rescue dogs for another adventure. Animals go through some terrible things in order to survive on their own, which is why Lynn’s rescues are so beloved.

The Truth Shall Make You Free


Sam Whitehead was raised in a strict religious family and was a teenage preacher. At age twenty-two he began a forty-year quest of research and reflection to prove that his faith was the one “true” religion and that God was real.

Truth Bird Three


Line 8 – Change ASNN to CNN Change paragraph 3 and 4 to the following; In addition, David, Sam, Jenny, and Justin hit the ground campaigning for the Democratic candidates running for house and senate seats in the midterm elections. Out of concern for the people on earth, Giorgio and the Greys advise the team of the dangerous direction the Trump administration was taking the country in and how they were negatively influencing the world.