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Selectively Lawless: The True Story Of Emmett Long, An American Original


Author: Asa Dunnington

Asa Dunnington was born in Iowa and raised in Southern California. He is Emmett Long’s nephew by marriage. He has been married twice and has three children and five grandchildren. His autobiography, What a Life was published in 2015.


Think Like A Molecule: Seeking Inspiration in the Structures of Thought


Author: Chuck Champlin

Chuck Champlin has been a writer and journalist; a corporate communications executive for The Walt Disney Company; a bicycle inventor; a rock drummer, singer and songwriter; and a leader in Toastmasters clubs (public speaking) and Optimist Clubs (bringing out the best in kids). He is married and has four grown children. In his work with various volunteer organizations, Champlin promotes the hopeful idea that every human being has creative contributions to make that will increase peace and understanding in the world. At Disney, he supported the success of the Children’s Summit at Disneyland Paris in the 1990’s, working in association with Disney offices worldwide and with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Champlin is also author of a novel called Wand, currently heading toward publication, which imagines the pencil, and television antennas, as magic wands that can inspire greater success for the human experiment on planet Earth.


Of Hope: A Memoir


Author: Herzl R Spiro MD PhD

Herzl R Spiro MD PhD was educated at Vermont, Harvard, Rutgers, New York Hospital and Johns Hopkins. He helped organize medical care for Rev King’s marches. He served the Jewish Agency Absorption Committee for 20 years. He was faculty at Johns Hopkins, and Rutgers before becoming Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at The University of Wisconsin-Madison where he is now Emeritus Professor. He published numerous books and research articles. He currently at 85 years still works as a psychiatrist fulltime serving Milwaukee’s inner city.