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The Adventures of Bubba Bear


The Adventures of Bubba Bear tells the story of a playful bear who is always learning and exploring. Through this book, Bubba learns about his five senses as he watches his Mama Bear make breakfast. By tasting, seeing, touching, hearing, and smelling, Bubba begins to understand what senses are and how they work. His Mama and Papa Bear eagerly and playfully show Bubba how he uses his senses without even knowing it!

Nearly Naked: International Scams and Hacks, Fictitious Love, Lies & Money


With the advent of information technologies of the past couple of decades and more recent advances over the Super Highway, we have all become victims to one scam or another. The reader may relate to one or many situations mentioned in Nearly Naked: International Scams and Hacks. The story of scams that the author has been involved in are all mentioned within and may help keep the reader from being taken for a fool as the author was many times. Hopefully, the reader will take away an education of what to beware of and be careful of what they wish and hope for.

Hidden: Nistar


Each day Sarah spread a cloth on the space between our houses and sewed her wedding canopy.

Rocking Dog Between Door


Rocking Dog Between Door is a short tale of two dogs and their fight over one bone… when plenty are available! All told from the owner’s perspective, Loretta Adu brings to life this moment in time and the owner’s personality within a few short phrases. Children of all ages will love to read the fun phrases over and over again.

Rock Your Stilettos!: Revelations for Living a Successful Life


Are you struggling to succeed?
Do you ever wonder why you remain stagnant and have a difficult time advancing in life?
Do you want to experience success and live victoriously but have no idea where to start?

The Gang of Black Eagles


This is a fictional book about the gang of Black Eagles. The main character finally believed that “Christ has risen!” as what he confessed out loud.

Releasing the Pain


Are you tired of running? Are you tired of fighting, just to end up with the same result? Do you find yourself compromising, valuing yourself less and less for someone’s attention, to find out your still invisible in their eyes? In this book, you will begin to read the Words of Christ, and words of encouragement that will bring healing to your soul. You may think “I will never recover from this heartbreak, I won’t love again!”. But the more you read and meditate on God’s Word, the more you will start to feel His peace, joy, happiness…LOVE!

Wildfire Woodpecker’s Amazing Adventure


Many people make the mistake that seeking medical help is only for us humans. Would you believe there are lifesaving facilities for injured or sick wildlife critters that need help too? This story takes you on a fascinating journey that every human and creature is treated with the care of utmost importance.

The Treasure Hunt


Anna Zigfield, a princess by birth, had learned about her royal heritage at a young age. However, she had not known her ancestor King Johann, who had made her the heir to the hidden crown jewels responsible for the monarchy’s downfall in 1803. Anna wrestled with the haunting question of how the king had known her centuries before she was born.

Alice and the Little Train That Could Not Walk


Alice is so excited for her first day of preschool. After she arrives, she soon sees a colorful yet sad train in a corner of the schoolyard.


Battlefield to Business: One Marine’s Inner Voyage of Ethical Leadership


The Adventures of Bryn and Crystal


Follow Bryn, a light brown haired dog who is playful and full of energy and Crystal who has silvery black hair and is cunning and more laid back than her brother. These two puppies from the same terrier and poodle litter are growing up together. Imagine yourself with them as they have lots of fun in their animal world among humans.

Who’s Knocking At My Door?


Story Synopsis Children”s Book about various birds & water life found living around a pond in a rural setting .This is all happening in south Florida. There is an unusual, yet true. ending concerning one of those animals which actually inspired the writing of this book.

God’s Unfailing Love


“For God so loved the world, that He gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

The Boy Who Loved Cats


This is a true story of a little boy who truly loves cats and finally attains his dream of having his own real, live cat.

The Gifted


The Gifted is a science fiction fantasy adventure about a person’s ability to live past heartache, destruction, and loss. Kitty is a woman who only believes in survival and keeps her heart closed so she won’t have conflict within herself. But as Kitty learns that love, hope, friendship, and family are what make a person want to survive in any type of life, readers may find a similar hope and beauty in their own pain as well.

God’s Gift (Woman)


The first part of the book introduces the readers to understand the value that God placed on women, and why it’s so important for women to unlearn the things that society has shown them regarding their purpose, why you need to establish a healthy relationship with the Creator so he can be your guide, and how you can get your power back that the devil thinks he stole from you.

Commodore Reigart Bolivar Lowry


Biography of Reigart B. Lowry who was a career naval officer who spent 40 years in the U.S. Navy. He played an active role in many of the major operations of the Navy from 1840 to 1880. He graduated from the first class at Annapolis, fought in the Mexican War, went to Japan with Commodore Perry, and was in a ship off of Fort Sumter when the first shots of the Civil War were fired. He played an active role in many of the important naval operations of the Civil War. After the Civil War, military operations lessened, government corruption increased, and politicians tried to gain more influence in the Navy. Reigart Lowry fought against these influences, and in his last year, he led the fight against a fellow naval officer who was trying to take advantage of this atmosphere.

Madden Falls: A Novel of America and the Devil’s Music


In the summer of 1962 young Dan Geary, a history professor from Chicago, embarks on a journey to reconstruct the life and mysterious death of a legendary blues artist, Virgil Thomas. His odyssey takes him from Chicago to Kansas City to St. Louis to Memphis to Helena, Arkansas, and then into the Mississippi Delta.



Stuart Baron, a humble Los Angeles trucking executive, endures a near-death experience. He moves his family from an affluent suburb to an Alabama catfish farm with hopes of quenching a midlife crisis. Together with Tabitha, his spell-binding wife, and Winchester, his precocious five-year-old son, he rewrites Murphys law of catfish farming. Their adaption to the Deep South and the ensuing culture shock is overshadowed by a daunting legacy involving a Mexican drug cartel. In the climatic finale, the Baron family, a quirky DEA agent, and a colorful cast of good ol boys make for a powerful romp of old-fashioned justice in the backwoods of west Alabama.

The Open Door


Science and Logic in Medical Diagnosis: In Defense of Individual Patients


Clinicians and patients know the importance of correct diagnosis for proper treatment. So important – a correct diagnosis – it is the first theme of this book. Several other themes are also important. A second theme is established as “cause and effect,” common or peculiar linked entities in at least some humans.

Incident at the Historical Museum


This is a story about two friends, Jason and Trevor, who met in college. They became friends and, very quickly, best friends. After college, Jason starts working in security, and thanks to a boss that totally destroys him at his job, decides to go out on his own so that can’t happen again, a decision that almost gets himself killed. Trevor decrypts encoded messages from foreign powers for the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies. After realizing his potential, he lands his dream job and prepares himself for this new exciting career.

An American Dream


Beginning quite mysteriously in September 1845, healthy green leaves on potato plants suddenly turned black, curled; and then rotted. Then like an uncontrollable wildfire in a wind-swept forest, winds from southern England carried that mysterious blight to leaves of healthy potato plants around the Dublin countryside.

NFL Behind: No Father Left Behind


A Certified Nurse Midwife with 30 years of maternal-child healthcare, Tonya Fenzl has gained much insight along the way and in NFL Behind she shares with and educates the fathers-to-be so that they can participate and understand the process of giving birth to a (their) baby.

The Little Boy Who Wished God Had Not Given Him a Brain: Big Momma Books


This book is about a little boy who had no desire to use his brain, unless it had some connection to his make-believe world. He complained that he did not know how to dress himself or how to put on his coat . It was even harder to put his shoes on the right feet or to button his shirt up correctly.

Under Five Flags


Under Five Flags is the true account of Hackchan Rhee’s experiences under a variety of governments and political circumstances. Through it all, he’s seen that people share not only the finer characteristics of humanity, but the dark undercurrents as well. Born in Pyongyang, Korea, before World War II, and eventually moving to the United States, Rhee has lived under the rule of Japan, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, and the United States. His experiences taught him the futility of socialism and the devastation that a “planned economy” can have on a society.

Unraveling: A Collection in Poem and Personal Perception


Once I started writing, it became an addiction for me. And although I’ve been writing for over 50 years now, this is my very first publication. The feelings and emotions felt for various situations and circumstances unravel throughout this work. Some are very pleasant-canoeing down an early morning river. Some are most unwelcome-children hungering for food and thirsting for love.

Yosemite Summer