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Author: Susan Torricellas

Susan Torricellas is a 77 year old widow, one of six siblings who grew up in Western, Pa. Altoona. She has been writing poetry since her teen year. Published articles and poetry and recently a story in Lancaster county magazine “What I love about Lancaster County”. Also in January 2020 published her first book with Balboa Press entitled “From Holding Tight to Letting go” about her marriage and love between husband and wife and his decline and passing from Alzheimer disease. This book is all about the beauty of nature and the animals and trees and flowers and a creek that flows through her Peach Bottom Lancaster county home she had shared with her husband Bob.


Renaissance Dreams: Life’s Journey Through Poetry


Author: Juanita Gaskin

Juanita Gaskin grew up in Harlem, New York, never knowing what possibilities awaited her. Reading was her first escape, followed by poetry. She received a degree in English/creative writing, which became a road map to achieving her goals. Paris was her muse, opening her to a new life direction.


Little Brown Girl


Author: Aisha Shawqi

Aisha Shawqi is a twenty three year old wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. Aisha is a certified nurse aide working in a pediatric hospital in Philadelphia. She enjoys helping mothers in need and providing them with various resources. Aisha also comes from a very big family and enjoys being around them. She attended Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls class of 2015 and graduated Gesu Catholic School 2011. Aisha’s inspiration came from her own two beautiful brown girls.


All Things Are Possible


Author: Roseline Ifidon

Roseline Ifidon was born in Nigeria and grew up in a very good Christian home with her parents, an older sister and four younger brothers. Growing up, she remembered her mother used to tell them bedtime stories in the evenings. Her mother never read the stories from a book, she always remembered the different stories and she could tell everyone of the stories over again.


All Votes Matter!


Author: Jerry Spriggs

Jerry Spriggs, B.A., M.S., is a retired instructional designer, having designed curricula and developed training strategies and materials for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and numerous Fortune 500 corporations. His career stemmed from his interest in game design. How we elect our president via the Electoral College began as a curiosity, grew into a hobby, developed into a passion, and is now a beast of truth he must water and feed every day. Jerry and his wife live in Oregon.