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ISBN-13: 9781643147994

Publisher: Authors Press

Publication date: February 22, 2023

Pages: 60

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Sherry Jenkins is a retired mother of three boys living in Indiana. She has always dreamed of writing a story to be published for everyone to read. With the encouragement of a good friend decided to give it a try. Thirty years of being a semi-driver had given her many stories to choose from, but decided to write fiction and what she liked the best, knights, and castles, and the Knights Templar thrown in. Sherry grew up on a farm in Kentucky and when she was not working she was dreaming of the time when knights and when queens believed in what was right and this paved the way for her second book Beyond Valor II The Patriots.

Beyond Valor II: The Patriots



By: Sherry Ann Jenkins

Beyond Valor II The Patriots has the knights going on another journey but this time it is to expel a lord out of the kingdom who has betrayed the king and angered the queen so much she has demanded this lord to be gone for good. It is the job of several handpicked knights to ensure everything goes well. The one thing no one has thought of is the huge purple dragon Brutus. Will this change anything? Will he know when to attack or will it be too late. There are several twist in this journey because they are going to the outer realm of the kingdom and things there are much different than anywhere else in the kingdom.



Sherry Ann Jenkins

Sherry Ann Jenkins


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