Our Services

At Authors Press, we know the feeling of wanting to have your books and stories shown to the world. We offer different services that will assist aspiring authors in getting their books published and marketed.

Services We Offered

Publishing Packages

Our Professional Team will help you from the ground up to help you become a successful Author.

Editorial and add-ons

No matter how skilled of a writer we are, we will never be immune to blunders in creating a masterpiece.

Marketing Packages

Designed to pique the interest of the media and your reading audience, they are a great tool to give away, and are an invaluable part of any book signing event.

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Bookstore Availability Program

Let us help you display your books to where they belong – on bookshelves!

At Authors Press, we give every aspiring authors the opportunity to realize their dream -– being able to see their books on the bookshelves of top bookstores. May it be an online bookstore or a brick and mortar one, we aim to put your work on bookshelves.

We team up with the leading bookstores in the industry, both online and physical. Our team will look for available prime spaces in bookstores where your works can be displayed.

For more info on this service, we may be reached at (925) 255-0098.

Book Marketing Program

Our book marketing program is designed to help you get your book out there and convert to potential sales.

In order to sell your book, you need to market it! Authors Press provides a book marketing program where we will assist you in promoting your work at every stage.

Our team will work with you in creating a marketing strategy applicable to your work. We will also employ the appropriate marketing methods, including online promotions and even traditional marketing, to let potential readers know about the item.

Publishing Services feature a full-color cover, grayscale interior, and perfect binding.
We also do our best to evaluate the marketing efforts implemented and follow up on the results. If you have questions regarding how we can help promote your book, please call us at (925) 255-0098.