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Publisher:  Authors Press; 1st edition (April 6, 2023)

Publication Date: April 6, 2023

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“Good Job Allen…Left the reader enthralled and engage in the 18th century setting. Allen showed in this novel how he is as good storyteller that can make his reader be captivated on the dynamic plots through its storylines. ” — Sakura

“I want to start by saying that this author has a very unique tone of writing that keeps you enthralled with every line of dialog you read. It’s so refreshing to read storytelling at it’s best with all the “political tell all” and children’s books flooding the market this two part novel really stands alone in terms of it themes. The journey the author takes you on is just as he described it “immersive and intimate.” There were many times in the story were I was brought to tears and the world of literature needs more storytellers who can evoke such emotions that this author has with me. I found the ending to be perfect and not cliched, so I was left with such a sense of both joy and sorrow when I finished reading it” — Edmund72

“The best book that I’ve ever read. I want to start by stating that this author’s distinctive writing style captures your attention with each dialogue line you read.” —Eli. Z

Greetings, lovers of literature. I am Robert James Allen, and ever since I was nineteen years

old, the literary works of Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Henry

David Thoreau have beguiled me. I consider those renowned writers to be the most prolific

writers of all time, and I consider my writing to be wholeheartedly inspired by their work. The

art of storytelling is in my blood, and I strive to write about topics that resonate in the hearts

and minds of all demographics that are struggling in life and feel like they have no voice.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve only ever felt solace within the deep recesses of my

mind. I now share those recesses to the world in hopes that we may better understand and

accept each other’s demons rather than stigmatize and forsake them. The past five years that

it took me to write this story have given me a purpose in life. During my darkest of times, I

would continue to write this story, and the dismal world around me would suddenly disappear

as I began to live within the pages of this story I was creating. This is my debut novel as

a published author and the most profound literature I’ve ever written.

White Bane II



By: Robert James Allen

Everything in which the hunter held dear is now forfeit, but his tale continues nonetheless, continuing with the role of a hunter whose sole purpose in life is to find a semblance of hope amidst the cruel world of 1797. Over the course of a year, the towns of the Fray have now grown rampant with civil unrest, inequality, crime, and mental afflictions, which have become more prominent and prevalent in the mind of the weary hunter, and of course, the white plague, which he continues to suffer from every day. On his journey, he comes across a vast array of characters, some that strengthens his resolve and others that threaten his life. Albeit, the hunter has always been a survivor, who is now fueled by a purpose that has reverted back to vengeance.



Robert James Allen

Robert James Allen


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