Raptilyan Has Rocked the Fans with Superlative Tunes in Various Numbers with a Swashbuckling Appeal

Raptilyan Has Rocked the Fans with Superlative Tunes in Various Numbers with a Swashbuckling Appeal


Raptilyan has laid out classy vibes in his different songs from a wide-ranging genre. The tracks by the prodigious musician have class written all over it.

Harrison, Jul 28, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Some riveting musical stuff is etched out with grace by the astounding singer Raptilyan with a lot of finesse. The vivacious numbers ‘Dark Side‘, ‘I Killed A Man‘, ‘Through The Night’, and ‘Monsters In My Head’ are spread across eclectic genres. The musician has impressively crafted tracks in the genres of EDM, rock, R&B, pop, and hip hop with a lot of panache. The singer who hails from Michigan has expressed his fondness and love for music quite several times. He is very ambitious and pushes the envelope time and again to reach the acme of success. Facebook is one such place where you can catch a glimpse of his shared posts.

There is an insane release in the number ‘Dark Side’ as some swirling beats are incorporated by Michigan Rapper RaptilyanIn the sassy number ‘I Killed A Man’ there are immersive vibes that are catchy. In the number ‘Through The Night,’ there is a whip-smart hook-line. In the vivacious track ‘Monsters In My Head,’ there is a confection of luscious pop sound. His tracks are a tad bit different from his contemporary musicians. His creative instinct sets different standards for him to achieve newness in art. The fans could log on to the Twitter handle of the singer and enjoy a chit chat with him. The Instagram handle of the singer gives the audience information about the singer’s projects that are in the pipeline.

The ripping numbers by the singer par excellence the refreshing release has got a satisfying hook. The color and the rhythm are powered by the brilliant use of melody. The flabbergasting tracks are energizing with an exquisite appeal. One can log on to popular music streaming sites like Soundcloud and listen to his mesmerizing hit numbers. The music videos by the artist can be watched by logging on to popular trending platforms like YouTube.

Listen to Raptilyan’s Music on Soundcloudhttps://soundcloud.com/raptilyan_lil_raptile

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