Wisdom of the Earth Speaks: The Truth About Medicinal Aromatherapy


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Barry B. Kapp has written a philosophical overview of the importance of the Tree and Plant Kingdom in our lives and how to use Medicinal Aromatherapy for addressing all conditions within us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Barry feels and knows that the Tree and Plants operate on a paradigm of Divine Love at all times. He feels that Medicinal Aromatherapy wrestles constantly between the Divine Love and Fear paradigms. He states that Medicinal Aromatherapy ran parallel down through history with Herbalogy. Herbalogy seemingly was always in view for all to see, but True Medicinal Aromatherapy was in the background found in Mystery School Teachings. He firmly knows that the Essences of Trees and Plants are the original medicine of the Mother and is the most powerful medicine when pure.

This Book addresses 12 major points on “Truths” that lie on every level of Human Existence in relationship to Earth Mother via the Tree and Plant Kingdom. There are two additional sections. One on “Frequently Asked Questions”, that have been asked of him over the years. The other section contains over 30 “Medicinal Angel Essences”, descriptions and Tree and Plant channelings.

This Book is unlike any Aromatherapy Book you will read as it contains some hard truths about our relationship to ourselves and the natural world in which we live. This book has the ability to make you cry, get angry, laugh, and experience joy. For those looking for the deeper answers about our relationship with Mother Earth via Medicinal Aromatherapy, this book will not only blow you away, it will blow truth into your heart of hearts. (www.amazon.com)
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June 28, 2018
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Wisdom of the Earth Speaks: The Truth About Medicinal Aromatherapy