Whoa! I’m Walking On Water: Rising From A Life Shattered


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This is a story of family, love, loss, reinvention, and redemption. Written in three parts, we first witness an idyllic childhood filled with love, warmth, laughter, and the richness of family and friends in the quaint village of Tenafly, New Jersey. Then we see the family dynamic begin to change: The extraordinary bliss enjoyed during the author’s earlier years comes to a screeching halt after her father dies, she marries an older family friend, and her mother and siblings break off all contact with her. The luxury of her upbringing is suddenly wrenched away, replaced by desperate financial challenges and profound loneliness reaching a crescendo with her husband’s death. How she overcomes these blows is the profound subject of the remaining third of this book, in which she heals herself by founding a nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping other suffering individuals. It’s a story not easily forgotten.




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