When God Works Incognito


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“When God Works Incognito” is a collection of fast reading vignettes arranged into smooth larger stories of the author’s life and thirty-three years of ministry, as a missionary in Indonesia, India and surrounding countries.

The first third of the book is a personal biography, with a few short historical vignettes inserted to set the stage for the author’s early life, marriage, family, education and ministry through three pastorates.

The last two thirds of the book, still written in vignettes, begins with the author’s call to overseas missionary service, family life in Indonesia and how they evangelized, planted new churches, developed leaders for those new churches, etc. The book will give readers a true glimpse into the joys and challenges of one missionary family’s life and work overseas. It is a lot more than what God did through the Becks. It reveals God working in them to make them more Christ-like. God often worked in and through their struggles too.

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When God Works Incognito
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