We Could Only Dream


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Growing up in the foster care system of Chicago Illinois, in the 1940s, with vivid images still swirling around inside his racing mind, he conjures up unspeakable sadness –the dreaded, tragic realities of a broken system that was supposed to assist the children with no other place on this planet to go to grow up and thrive, but instead, failed children like Ronnie. The story highlights Ronnie’s own personal struggles with social acceptance and an introverted personality borne of repeated criticism and harshness. But like any good “Cinderronnie” story, the triumph quells the storm when warmth of one particular family fills the longstanding ache, after twenty one years, and encompasses Ronnie, teaching him what being loved is all about and showing us all that power of love can take us to heights that our beginning never would have forecasted.


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We Could Only Dream
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