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A girl wakes up on a beach with no memory. She ends up finding out she is a Lightning Element and learns her powers again. Along the way, she meets other elements of earth, air, water, and fire. They are the four core, but there are more. Her father is a Metal and Mineral Element, and these weird creatures, called chimeras, keep appearing with the power of time and space. Violet has the aid of a Kitsune, a magical fox, and is jumped around the timeline.

There is this bad guy, Martin Krazor, who has a machine that he uses to devour the life and essence of elements and create his own artificial elements. He has a plan to become very powerful and try to devour the legendary element spoken of in old tales and legends. He and his son, Oliver, are also Lightning Elements. In the end, Martin and Violet will have to battle for supremacy. A mysterious voice is constantly advising Violet on her journey. She finds out what that entity really is at the end.

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