Vietnam War Through My Eyes


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This book contains my views, perceptions, and memories of the Vietnam War. It is the perception of a career Air Force NCO and a high school student with a romanticized view of flying bombing missions with an iconic aircraft from the Second World War. It gives my opinion about the justification of that war—from my military service and the inherent attitude of following orders, to carry out orders to their successful conclusion. I started apathetic until John Kennedy became president. Early in my military career, I was a strong supporter of Kennedy’s Vietnam policies. Then as the war progressed, I began questioning my beliefs. Here is where I am now, and how did I get to this point? The answer is, The Vietnam War, Through My Eyes.

About the Author

Clarence “Kip” Vold was born in Mitchell, South Dakota. Raised on a farm, he was to take over their land. However, Kip saw a diff erent future that did not involve farming. He planned to pursue college but failed, so he signed up for the Air Force, which led him to travel to many places and countless assignments. After he retired from active duty, he decided to give college another shot, and it was a success. Farmer’s Son, Military Career is his first published book.

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