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This or That: A Busy Morning is the first in a series of entertaining books that use rhyme to encourage your baby to be involved in day-to-day choices. Rather than having the book read to them, babies are actively involved in making choices as they go through the story with their parents or caregiver. The adult reader also has the joy of discovering the excitement and cooperation that choice-giving creates in young children. By encouraging this active participation with your baby, you are increasing your child’s logical thinking skills, which will lead to more confidence and engagement with others. The adorable illustrations, combined with rhymes centering on a baby’s typical daily activity, make this sure to become one of the baby’s favorites while providing plenty of quality time and fun in which to bond. This series was conceived by early childhood development expert Wendy Kronick, a Rie(R) Associate, who has taught Parent-Infant Guidance(TM) classes for almost twenty years and privately consulted with hundreds of families. Together with her writing partner, Susan Beauchene, they have drawn on their combined years of experience with children to create an entertaining series of books about typical parent-child activities that demonstrate how to give choices. A Busy Morning is their debut.

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This or That: A Busy Morning
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