They Called Me Zane


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“They Called Me Zane”, is about a German Shepherd named Zane who passed away, and transitions into her new world, heaven. While being reintroduced to the environment, she shares with Jesus her worldly experience. Although Zane’s family misses her, she wants them to be reassured that she is happy, grateful, and blessed for their time together. Zane loves them tremendously, but she is at peace in heaven. It is a beautiful place; the scenery is gorgeous, and the colors are bright. She can run for miles yet never be alone. As she takes in heaven and all its charm, enchanting splendor and grandeur, she realizes there is no other place that she would rather be. She reminds herself that new hello’s do not make her forget about the old goodbyes. Zane still remembers those precious moments and all the emotions on her last faithful day, as she faded away. She can hear their comforting words, we love you, it is okay to go, you were a good dog, you will be missed, thank you for everything. Upon arriving to heaven Zane shares with her new friends her name and reflects on when she was on earth and how it felt when her family called her Zane.

Until we meet again, be safe during your travel to your next passage. In peace may you leave earth. In love might you reach your final destination.


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They Called Me Zane