The Soulmate Prophecy: Book 2: The Journey


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The 21st century scientific realm clashes with a 4000 year old supernatural prophecy in the trilogy, The Soulmate Prophecy.

Dr. Kaelyn Khan, a superior enhanced human geneticist, born in the Underground, a top secret research facility located a mile beneath the Pacific Ocean which was created in one of the Galápagos Islands that disappeared hundreds of years ago, is havocked with visions of a beautiful, mysterious girl in reoccurring dreams that he’s never seen before. The Underground was created by Zenith, the leader of sixteen nations, to avoid the inevitable destruction of Mother Earth. The Underground consists of over a thousand prodigy scientists, physicians, and inhabitants that were handpicked by presidents, prime ministers, and kings. Jake, an artificial intelligence, and hundreds of drones control the Underground.

Lovelin Khan, a romance novelist who lives on the Surface of the planet is racked and excited about strange dreams of a jungle man that lives within a laboratory and a rainforest. Plagued by writer’s block in her latest novel, she decides to take an exotic vacation to get away from her mundane life and friends in Michigan.

Genetically created animals, cloning, teleportation, drastic scientific experiments, all in the name of science, lead to murder only to save Mother Earth.

The Soulmate Prophecy is a science fiction cross genre trilogy enhanced with Egyptian history, humor, passion, and forever romance. As the prophecy is revealed, the supernatural and scientific worlds collide, and nothing will ever be the same!

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The Soulmate Prophecy: Book 2: The Journey
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