The Pigtastic Adventures of Daisy and Ollie


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Daisy and Ollie Pig are a pair of adorable twin pigs. They are born in a rickety old shed deep in the forest. The shed becomes the twins and their parents shelter and home. The Pigs family feels lucky to have a home in the forest, where the forest is really scary at night! One day, Mother and Father Pig leave the twins to search for food. Tragically, they never return. Shortly after that, the Daisy and Ollie are forced to quickly abandon their shed. Now, left on their own in the wild, vast forest, Daisy and Ollie must become a team of clever,  piggy survivors. Together, this team must overcome their fears, the elements  and predators. It will be a  fight for survival, and will push their limits as they search for their forever home. This adorable pair of curly tails is sure to make you a fan, as you follow them on their great, pigtastic adventure!



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