The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Love of a Friend: Book 1


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The Ladies of Lancaster County is filled with family values, love, friendships, and their faiths and tribulations tearing their community apart. The fears and doubts bring questions to the many families involved as to which path they should take.

Rachael is struggling with her physical infirmities, with her doctors telling her there is not much time left. “Go home; put your affairs in order.”

Laura Knapp, Rebeka Knapp’s teenage daughter, is conflicted whether to experience the forbidden world outside the Amish faith or stay close to home. Some Englischers in town had caught her eye; however, there was also a young Amish man ever so handsome.

Laura’s best friend, Abby, told her she is fickle and needed to stay away from those Englischers; they were trouble. Laura thought Abby prudish and knew she would only hold her back.

Then she thought of Jacob Yoder, just moving into the area. She really didn’t know him well yet, even though he had attended her sixteenth birthday party. Thinking of his muscled arms when he kept her from falling into the dirt and those striking blue eyes that danced when he looked at her made her heart skip a beat.

Ruthie is grateful to God for providing a way for Rachael to come to her house to work. After Rachael becoming so ill, instead of working they took the time for Bible study. Ruthie knew Rachael needed Jesus in her heart as her best friend, as did Rachael’s husband, Joseph.

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The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Love of a Friend: Book 1
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