The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Joy of a Friend: Book 2


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The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Joy of a Friend, book two, is also filled with family values, love, and friendship. With their faiths and tribulations still tearing their community apart.

Rachael took Martha with her to the Dr. appointment for moral support. The Drs. didn’t know what to tell Rachael, except they had never had a case like hers before.

Laura and Abby were at odds, this time it looked as though it might be for gut(good). Abby’s parents had joined the Bible study group and Rebeka forbid Laura to keep company with Abby any longer. Abby felt relieved as she didn’t like Laura’s choice of friends in town anyway.

The time spent away from Abby gave Laura free rein to meet with her friends in town. Laura could not see any harm in being with them, after all a night going to the movies was innocent enough.

Bishop Malachi had been upset with the families that left the Old Order Amish. In fact, he had been showing his face at the Abraham Knapp place almost daily making sure Abraham was keeping his family on the right path. When he had caught Mary and Laura at the wedding, he went straight to see Abraham.

Laura hadn’t come home after a night out. The community both Amish and Mennonite was looking for her. Abby was beside herself with guilt, had she been with Laura she would now be safe. Was she gone for good or would they find her?

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The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Joy of a Friend: Book 2
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