The Big Dance


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Two children in seventh grade started dance lessons at their school. They became friends and very interested in dancing. Their dance lesson teacher, Mrs. Lands taught them many ways to dance and they both danced very good. They continued to go to all their dance lessons and while they were Seniors in High School, both of them, Jennifer and Alex were given the opportunity to attend a dance competition called East Coast Dance Contest. Both of their parents allowed them to go with Mrs. Lands and attend the competition. They had plenty of time during the rest of their Senior year before the contest to dance better than they ever had. This gave them the opportunity to qualify to be in the dance contest. When they got the message that they were qualified, they were so excited and worked so much more on dancing moves to many different types of music. Both Jennifer and Alex prepared for their parents to also come with them for the competition. Mrs. Lands, Alex’s parents and Jennifer’s parents felt very confident that Jennifer and Alex both had the opportunity to be the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place as winners.

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The Big Dance