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William B. Caudle, a retired veteran, attorney, and Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 mediator, completed his new book “Sugar Creek”: The story of two men who are entangled in a whirlwind of chaos, torture, violence, sadness, and heartaches; but in the end, the two find themselves at the end of the Civil War and cradled in the serenity of Sugar Creek and form a bond forever. William B. Caudle’s latest novel is a detailed and vibrant window into the lives of two men, one white, the other black, caught up in the South’s struggle for redemptive freedom. Discussing his new work Caudle says: “Courage comes in many forms. Even people we may not know anything about display courage. Wars are a matter of individual stories – and this is but one.” Lawyer-turned-army-captain Jemison Thorsby finds himself amidst the War Between the States with nothing but his faith in mankind and the hope that soon the conflict between the Union and Confederacy would be over. During the course of the war, he was injured severely, near death, if not for his chance meeting up with Levy. A former slave and now a black Confederate, Levy met the boy, Jemison Thorsby, through his lawyer father who helped Levy buy his own brother’s freedom. Jem and Levy have since been friends — Jem protecting his friend from those who view him as property; Levy devoting his loyalty and service to his captain. Readers who wish to experience this engrossing work can purchase “Sugar Creek” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

About the Author

William B. Caudle was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The author is the recipient of four separate college degrees. He has an Associate of Arts from Broward Junior College, a Bachelor of Arts from Florida Atlantic University, a Master of Arts in History from Florida State University, and a Juris Doctor degree in Law from the University of Florida. He is the author of six other previously published books. Aside from writing, the author is a retired veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired attorney, and a retired Rule 31 mediator .He would like to thank his wife, Cheri Ruth Gifford Caudle for her support. When he is not writing, the author enjoys reading, and believes that reading the thoughts of others is a beneficial part of writing.

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