Selectively Lawless: The True Story of Emmett Long, An American Original


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In the early twentieth century, money, power, and reputation were king. With outlaws like Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson roaming the streets, it was a lawless time, with lawless individuals taking their fates and fortunes into their own hands.

Emmett Long was one of them. Bank robber, moonshiner, gambler, and on occasion even a killer, he made his own rules. But he varied from the typical story. Instead of dying at the young age of thirty-something in a blaze of guns and fury, he lived to a ripe age, reformed his ways, found Christianity, married a good woman, raised a family, and became a successful rancher. Not the expected turn of events for such a lawless beginning.

In a new twist to the classic Great Depression outlaw narrative, Asa Dunnington shares the life story of his uncle inĀ Selectively Lawless: The True Story of Emmett Long, an American Original.

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