Author: Susan Torricellas

Susan Torricellas is a 77 year old widow, one of six siblings who grew up in Western, Pa. Altoona. She has been writing poetry since her teen year. Published articles and poetry and recently a story in Lancaster county magazine “What I love about Lancaster County”. Also in January 2020 published her first book with Balboa Press entitled “From Holding Tight to Letting go” about her marriage and love between husband and wife and his decline and passing from Alzheimer disease. This book is all about the beauty of nature and the animals and trees and flowers and a creek that flows through her Peach Bottom Lancaster county home she had shared with her husband Bob.

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The book shows Susan’s love of nature and the hope and help it has given her after the death of her husband. Some of the poems were written from 2012 to 2020. She feels inspired and content watching the cows across the road and sitting by the creek that flows through her property. Nature poems has helped her throughout her life it gives her a sense of peace.




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