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Two bloodlines. Forbidden marriages. Children’s deaths. For the Conners and Clark families, it’s one tragic disaster after another. Two lineages so intertwined by love and marriage…the Curse!

The demon who haunted their ancestors for several years has resurfaced to continue the tradition with this youngest generation. A young couple who didn’t know about their past or their present circumstances have awakened the demon with their immoral relationship. As a result, they lost three infant children to the Curse, and now she’s pregnant with a fourth, but the demon wants to possess the unborn child for its own.

Who will finally win the battle for the unborn baby, a product of the Curse? Will it be the young couple who need this child to carry on their family name? Or will the darkest side of evil win and end this bloodline forever? Follow the Conners and Clark families through one hundred years of tragedy and desperate choices.

About the Author

Jesse was born and raised in the Missouri Ozarks for the first seven years of his life. His family then moved to Kansas, where he graduated from high school before entering the US Army that summer. He eventually returned to his roots in Missouri, graduating from the University of Southwest Missouri. Searching for greener pastures, Jesse relocated to South Texas, where he lived and raised his family. Having suffered a disability while serving in Vietnam, Jesse was forced to retire from physical labor. With so much extra time on his hands, he turned to writing. Rockhole is a real place from his childhood days in Missouri. While the events and characters in the story are fictional, some personal privileges have crept into the work. Jesse and his family still live in Texas, where he continues his writing. First and foremost, he considers himself a Texan.

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Paperback, Hardcover, eBook


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