Return of the Shadows Book Two


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Could you defend against a troll army lead by the Goddess Hel?

The Humans are the first target of the Goddess Hel’s troll army, and it won’t take long for the Humans to remember how ruthless the Goddess can be. As the Goddess causes misery and heart ack which adds to the strength of her shadows and the troll army. The Chosen are racing against time to restore the balance.

As the darkness grows throughout the lands. The Goddess Hel can taste the revenge she has so long waited for. Her sister and the four races will pay.

The Goddess Atla continues to guide the chosen as they struggle with using an old and very powerful magic. There is not time to waste as the Goddess Hel’s strength seems to grow every second.

Could you handle using the magic of the Goddess?

Tanner, a young Hawk man, is the chosen protector who continues to push on toward the temple. Tanner’s mind is overwhelmed with questions, with the use of the magic bow overwhelming him and his visit with the Goddess leaving more questions than answers, he is forced to push that aside and focus on what is happening in front of him.

Tanner faces a great challenge. He must trust what the Goddess has told him, and get to the temple to restore the balance if he is to save the races and avoid the dark clouds he was shown.

You won’t want to stop reading this epic, three-book fantasy series, filled with magic, tension and intrigue. Perfect for young adult and new adult fantasy fans, as well as readers wanting a classic fantasy adventure, start the Return of the Shadows trilogy today.

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Return of the Shadows Book Two