Renaissance Dreams: Life’s Journey Through Poetry


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“Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to be somebody, but she was always told that she was nothing.” The writer in Juanita Gaskin remained dormant as depression and life circumstances held her back. Renaissance Dreams refers to the rebirth of passions delayed and of hope to come. Juanita reinvented her place in life by not letting fear or the disapproval of others determine her path. She walked through dark times and managed to walk into the light. This book is a reflection of her life in poetry and photography. Through poetry, Juanita wrote of her depression; it was her form of therapy and gave her the strength to push beyond the madness to find the inner woman that was lost. Writing was her way of releasing the pain and finding comfort. She awoke to a new beginning. It’s a battle with the self, when you reach for a goal with no one there to help you through or cheer you forward. You wonder whether you have the strength to keep fighting-but you must believe in yourself. It takes a positive mind to get you where you truly belong. Juanita hopes that someone out there will read her book and find the courage to hold on just a little longer. Keep strong, because hope is on the way.
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Renaissance Dreams: Life’s Journey Through Poetry