POTUS: A Political Fantasy in Three Parts

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POTUS: A POLITICAL FANTASY is the story of a semi-reluctant hero acting for the people of the United States and the world, as well as the Universe at large. The improbability of his election to the presidency is offset by the prodigious efforts he makes to accomplish a simple goal: the restoration of Freedom for the people of the United States and the World-at-large, as well as establishing it for sentients in the Cosmos. This simple goal inspires him and, at the same time, exasperates him. He lives to inspire and free others; while at the same time, he feels that the inspiration demands too much of him and reduces his own freedom. His life is blessed with extreme joy and accomplishments, but as often as not, beset with abject sorrow and fear that he has accomplished nothing. He is a man for the ages, but feels that he is inadequate for the jobs he has set out for himself. His growth throughout the novel allows him to at last believe that the impossible is attainable, yet sometimes at great costs.

About the Author

I am a former community college English teacher. I taught composition and literature for twenty years. Because of my background, I used public affairs and politics as examples of what to do and say in teaching students how they are manipulated and how to answer those manipulations. In the process, I found that the public school systems had become more indoctrination centers than educational schools. In fact, true education has been replaced by propaganda. That realization led to the book.



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