No More: Taking Back America – The First 100 Days


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No More follows a conservative president for the first one hundred days he is in office. Each day, the president delivers a speech to the American public confronting a prevalent issue affecting the country and offering a viable solution. The solutions are guided largely by the Bible and the Constitution. In such a politically tumultuous time, Dr. Masters offers concrete solutions to the nation’s many problems.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas Masters is a practicing physician residing in northern Arizona. His family encompasses three generations of military service. An avid outdoorsman, Dr. Masters hunts, fishes, and hikes. In his leisure time, he can be found exploring the various climes in the southwest. Dr. Masters prides himself as a Conservative politically, a traditional Catholic in religion, and a pragmatist about life. He considers himself an enthusiastic and passionate patriot. He remembers well the famous line from General McArthur: “Duty, honor, country.”

Along those lines, he is currently working on the sequel to NO MORE, highlighting further the many divides in our nation.

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No More: Taking Back America – The First 100 Days
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