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“New American Culture Race” is a short treatise about societal unrest, COVID-19 and its affect on American society and our evolution as a culture in response to the threat. From protests to policy, Jerry Unis notes the distinct American culture and how it is visible in moments like this. When we respond to crisis we respond primarily as Americans. What he has captured in the book is that American culture is growing, learning, and changing.

A culture’s response to a crisis on the scale of Covid-19 or racial relations is both immediate and long lasting. We see the closed shops on streets that used to be busy. But what will we see in 5 years?

We live in a time that wherein we have allowed the woke movement to disconnect from the generation that preceded them (parents). There was a time in this country when raising children was nearly auto pilot. Now due to cultural influence in the parenting model, we have an entire generation that is separated from their parents beliefs, knowledge and even understanding.

This results in an era of disjunctive cultural response to stimuli. Some may even call this societal unrest. Racial relations is a large and sore button that is accessible to push. Needless to say, it has been activated.

New American Culture Race is about that struggle and presupposes certain outcomes based upon our American cultural response.

That response is precipitated in actions or activities that are reflective of that change. We will see changes if we investigate through inquiry and observation. Not all of the changes are obvious. The changes do influence other areas of our existence. To that end, New American Culture Race points that out.

How do we shop? How do we invest? What do we invest? Time, money, energy? As a human species certain habits and biological predispositions and predilections are nearly certain. New American Culture Race explores these questions and observations.

Tell me what you think. Please just don’t tell me that you don’t think. Lets think together and discuss these issues that allow us a certain amount of insight into our planet through the eyes of the American culture.


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New American Culture Race

Availability: 100 in stock