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It’s been ten years since Michelle Timeworth, known by the nickname Misfit, traveled to Han’s Island as a member of the Barracudas, a CIA assault team. Although she’s now a deadly fighter, that wasn’t always the case.

As a small child growing up in Brooklyn, Michelle witnesses the murder of her parents and older brother. This event puts her on a troubled path and leads her into a criminal lifestyle as a young teen, landing her in juvenile detention in between being shuffled from family to family as she tries to build an existence for herself. Her life takes a different course when a navy recruiter takes her in and raises her, keeping her out of trouble and preparing her for a brighter future. Twenty years before her CIA career begins, she serves as a Navy SEAL and unknowingly works for a criminal organization known as the Alumnus. But she has no idea that as an adult, she’ll have the opportunity to have her vengeance on those who killed her beloved family.

Full of action and adventure, this screenplay explores the past of a member of a CIA assault team, revealing the trauma that shaped her into the heroine she is.

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