Living the Golden Dreams


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The sequel to my first novel, about my parents and their golden dreams, continues with their arrival to the town where they would live, have their children, and eventually die. They had very little money, no possessions, couldn’t speak the language, and had no idea the difficulties they would encounter. Baba Anna came with them, and she proved to be a wonderful addition to the family. They joined St. Mary’s RC church, and all the children of school age were enrolled in St. Mary’s catholic school. The sisters of St. Agnes taught them and were very strict, but very effective in their strictness.

There were quite a few Slovakian families in their small village, so they were able to continue to celebrate some of their customs, which helped them still enjoy what was familiar to them. They built a Slovak hall where their harvest festivals took place, with the songs, dancing, and crowning of the king and queen of the harvest.

As the children grew and became adults, they never lost their love, respect, and closeness to their aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. Our parents would be proud of their children for the love they have and share with each other. This is a tribute to them for what they taught them as they were growing up.

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Living the Golden Dreams