Learn To Cherish Little Beginning


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Both small and greater beginnings are all good and appreciable, nevertheless, not all may have enough resources to start big. However with time God will make all things possible in his own time. There is a possibility that someone may start small and grow to become great in the near future. Someone can also start big at an initial stage and remain at that same level. All depends on your preparedness and the faith you have towards your dream goals. Many at times, greater beginnings may cause loss. That is the reason why it is so expedient to start little to test your ability first and see how much you can cope with your God given dream. All the same, both small and big beginnings are all good and welcome.

About the Author: James Gbanaglo

James Kwaku Gbanaglo was a teacher by profession for nineteen years back in Ghana. He became a devoted Christian since in the year 1992. He began his ministry work in Grace Out-reach Church, where he joined the evangelistic and counselling team. He won souls for the Lord. Later he was made a sheepfold leader in Grace Outreach Church. He later relocated and joined Love Community Chapel and still played his role as a sheepfold leader. He assisted a brand church in Love Community Chapel in Dansoman branch in Accra. James combined his church ministry with his education and achieved his diploma in English language in University of Cape Coast in 2003–2005. James and his family relocated to the United States in the year 2005. In the United States, James joined the International Charismatic Church in Grand Prairie (Dallas) in Texas. There he was appointed as a shepherd and was heading part of South Ar-lington and Euless. He was holding that title and pursuing his bachelor’s degree in nursing in Tarrant County College in the year 2011 and unfortunately met a fatal car accident on his way from school that rendered him paralyzed. James Kwaku Gbanaglo and his wife, Janet Gbanaglo, now live in Arlington, Texas, with their two children, Ewoenam and Elinam Gbanaglo. After a life-threatening car accident, James was unable to work nor continue his education. God gave him the gift of writing and has since authored a number of books

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