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Jade Cross Book 1 (Trek for The Cross)


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The year 1592 in Dai Viet, a devotee to the secret No Name Society began an assignment to receive that would take him to China. Troung Van Ba began the perilous trek to receive the Jade Cross from a Chinese Master Cutter. Along the way, there were sub-hamlets where he would receive an update on the safety issues along his route. At one sub-hamlet, he was assigned a sixteen-year-old female guide, Tran Thi Mot. Both taking an immediate dislike for each other. She was assigned to Van Ba to guide his trek as the route had been changed In addition to enduring many hardships during the trek, robbers, murderers, and anti-No Name enemies wanting the icon for themselves, were encountered along their trails, and battles were fought. Once the Jade Cross was obtained, they were joined along the way by a No Name Warrior, and later before a battle, a young man joined. Now there were two allies. Many hardships were encountered until the icon was placed into the hand of the No Name Leader, Nguyen Hai. During the trek, love evolved between the two protagonists.

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Jade Cross Book 1 (Trek for The Cross)
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