Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp


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The bright Texas sunshine filled the windows of the natatorium as competition teenage swimmers were working hard to prepare for the competition that would take place the following week. They felt good about their chance of winning this school year. They had a new coach who seemed nice, but the swimmers had been working so hard, they didn’t have the time to get to know her too well yet.

The teenagers were excited about the camp. They would practice their swimming in a lake in the mornings, zipline in the afternoon, or just go exploring. The teens couldn’t wait to begin this adventure.

One afternoon five of the teens found a cave they couldn’t resist going inside. They found a little more than expected as some men started chasing them. As they started running, they found help with an elderly woman, who motioned for them to follow her. What they saw at her house was not to be believed.

Going in the cave had changed things somewhat at the swim camp, but the change was not only with the cave, but their new coach turned out to not be what the teenagers thought she was supposed to be. If not for the other coaches that went to the camp with them, they were afraid they would not have made it home alive.

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Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp
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