How High the Larks Fly


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This is the amazing story of Ruth Lindenau, a young girl who came from Tiegenort, a lovely little village in what was then West Prussia, now Poland. It is a story of profound courage and bravery during and after WWII, the story of a person who survived three separate prison camps in her young life and how her talent and courage kept her going. Her harrowing experiences shaped her character and personality, but always her courage saved her. Snatched from her family’s loving care at the age of thirteen, Ruth was sent along with a school friend to a camp far from home, where sixty-five other girls were being indoctrinated into the ways of Hitler’s Third Reich. Starved of food, of affection, of all family contact, these young girls were severely punished and brainwashed. Eventually, Ruth was able to escape. It was at a time when Germany was about to lose the war, and after only a week of freedom, Ruth has to again escape with her entire village to Denmark on the frozen Baltic Sea. Two more prison camps await Ruth and her family, and the story of these experiences will astonish and enthrall the reader. Using her talent as a pianist and singer, Ruth survives, and a blossoming love story, which is absolutely forbidden, becomes the pivotal reason for the rest of her life, leaving the reader breathless with emotion and stunned with amazement.

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How High the Larks Fly