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Haiti Beyond Belief


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The memoirs of pharmacist Frank J. Nice describe many of his experiences that occurred on his now twenty-four mission trips to Haiti. Although his mission trips span over 20 years, he describes his experiences in such detail as if a mission trip occurred yesterday. The goal of the mission trips is to provide medical assistance to the underserved Haitian people. The memoirs describe an evolution of the medical mission trips, but the memoirs also provide Dr. Nice’s insights and experiences with the country of Haiti, the people of Haiti, members of medical team, living conditions and transportation in Haiti and even includes some stories concerning Haitian food, animals, and insects.

Dr. Nice’s storytelling writing style includes details for the reader to easily visualize his memoir and results in an enjoyable reading experience. In addition, each page or couple of pages contains a fully developed experience concerning a person, place, or event. You could read the entire memoir in one sitting. After you read the Introduction, you will want to take your time reading the book in order to reflect upon many of the different stories. Each event described in the book will stimulate your mind to reflect upon that experience or story. For example, you could reflect how an experience or story described in the book compares to your life, occupation or living conditions, or moves you towards a deeper level of empathy or compassion for the Haitian people, or your personal involvement with a church, organization, or mission. Thus, as you read the book you can decide if you want to just enjoy the storytelling of the memoirs or personally reflect on them.

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