From Brooklyn to Liverpool


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This story is about the life of an American Negro by the name of Howard Carter Ferebee. He was my uncle. As far as I know the official account of his demise is accurate. When his ship, the USS Luchenbach was torpedoed by a German U boat in the North Atlantic on its way to Europe, there were no known survivors.

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H. Ferebee Shephard is originally from Washington D.C. His mother’s family lived in Brooklyn N.Y. Howard and his wife live just outside of Houston Texas. He has two sons and one presently lives in Zurich Switzerland and works for Google. His eldest son lives in Houston and has blessed him with two grandchildren. An Air Force Veteran, Howard recognizes the importance of all of the services to include the merchant marines during war time. He has written two children’s books previously, both currently available at your favorite book store.

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From Brooklyn to Liverpool