Dying to Wake Up: The Novel


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Imagine your life is on top of the world, then suddenly, you receive news that puts the world on top of you! Michelle “Shelly” Edwards, a 34-year old corporate executive is the rock for her friends and family. This executive Vice President has achieved everything in life except finding true love. She finally meets the man of her dreams and then receives news that changes everything. This story deals with life, love, romance and resiliency. Her college friends, Megan- a lawyer, Lisa – a military captain, Jackie- an administrative assistant and her baby brother, Ricky – a recovering addict, encounter life events that impact Shelly. Follow Shelly on her emotional journey as she supports friends and family while grappling with her own mortality. The turn of events will shock readers leaving them ready for the next book in the series.

About Audrey M. Blake

Audrey was born and raised in the south. Her writing style is deeply rooted in her southern up-bringing. She has a “tell it like it is, down to earth writing style. She is the author of “Falling In Love With Me”. Audrey is a certified professional life coach who has helped hundreds through her coaching, inspirational speaking engagements, and one on one sessions. She has appeared on both TV and Radio shows and has co-hosted the following radio shows: The Dr. Jesse Walker Show- All About Relationships and Two Sips and Conversation. She holds degrees in Psychology and a Master of Public Health. Audrey is available for speaking engagements. She loves motivating others to be the best version of themselves. She is the founder of FLY, First Love Yourself. www.firstloveU.org

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Dying to Wake Up: The Novel