Distractions 3312: Volume 1

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This is a story of many distractions I had throughout my life that kept me from doing what needed to be done. It has so much of my thoughts, dreams, nightmares and experiences, mystery, craziness, magic, life, spirits, how, and why things happened. This is just an introduction of how my life has been and what has happened over time. How I got through what I went through and survived. Did I have a mental breakdown? I don’t know, maybe. Some of this could have just been in my head. This is my life experiences and what happened to me. I survived on my own. No drugs, no alcohol…I had no choice but to deal with it… head on. God stayed with me and gave me the strength to do it. Take this story as is or a metaphor of the imagination…It’s totally up to you.

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1 review for Distractions 3312: Volume 1

  1. Starshine

    Love this story… So much to go through for one woman. I can’t wait for the next one. I want to find out more. It’s like listening to a best friend.

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