Di-Vided States of America Book 1


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Dean Sprurgeson – teller of truths.

The author possesses a prolific imagination materializing into multiple works of literature—some fiction; most fiction-based on fact; this being the fifth effort in a continuing line of spellbinding efforts.

As diverse as his library is, each seemed to ‘come out of the blue’. Convinced he is imbued with a ‘muse’, who weaves his tales for him… he’s, just providing the keyboard effort, the diversity has lead to the multitudinous of themes as different as bugs from birds; alcohol or honey; or a ladle in contrast to a catamaran.

Oddly, prior to thoughts he was staunchly a-political. But suddenly out of the media-ether came the voice from a junior senator from Chicago, weaving spells of veracity amid the babble of Left and Right under the capital dome. “We are not Red states or Blue states; we are the United States of America!” Sadly, we are the Di-Vided States.

Each speech rang with probity and inspiration. Anyone who spoke this eloquently needed an essayist to transcribe the travels of the young idealist; to chronicle the hazardous road through two terms. Hence the birth of this journal of spite and peril; wonder and exactitude; swept up and through the Whitehouse, and out the other side into the Trumpster-dumpster.

The resultant tome here is the result of ten years, thru research, verification, opinion, conjecture, passion and downright ‘blood, sweat, and tears’. The ‘muse’ is calling with a hazy glimpse of a saga #6. However in the interim, this spectacle—hopefully—should leave you enthralled—appalled—educated—and wanting for more… (www.amazon.com)

Publication Date: April 13, 2018
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64314-042-1

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Di-Vided States of America Book 1