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Beautiful, wealthy Victoria Southworth always gets what she wants–the luxuriously lifestyle of the rich, the gorgeous face that makes everyone stop and stare, the financially successful husband, and the career of her dreams. Yet when Victoria makes one life-changing decision, she learns that always getting her way may get her into unforeseeable trouble…and it might even break her unbreakable heart.

Desiree’s Hope follows Victoria’s journey through life, love, and letting go as she faces the shocking discovery of an unwanted pregnancy. Not desiring a child to throw off her perfectly charted course for the future, Victoria believes an abortion is the best way to free herself from the baby. However, Victoria is unaware that a Christian nurse named Hope has saved the child, altering Victoria’s course even more than she could have ever imagined.

Over the next five years, Victoria and Hope embark on an adventure that only God could ordain, revealing Himself to both women in different and defining ways. When Victoria and the woman who saved her child cross paths again in a fight for life, Victoria will come face to face with the consequences of her choice, as Hope prayerfully strives to keep the innocent child in her own care.

This profound novel by G. H. Wilkinson paints a vivid depiction of the two very opposing views of abortion, the Christian understanding and the perspective of the world. While some people will never be reached with the truth and reality of this decision, some will. Through the pages of Desiree’s Hope, you will encounter this reality, along with the transformative grace, redemption, and hope found in Jesus Christ.
Gwendolyn Wilkinson was born and raised in New Braunfels, Texas. She attended Texas State University earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and her Master’s Degree in English.

Ms. Wilkinson’s had a 32-year career as an English Professor at several major Texas Universities. She retired from the teaching profession in 2020.

Ms. Wilkinson currently resides in Bryan, Texas. Her love for Christ and desire to tell others of His love is a constant pursuit of hers. She strongly believes that because of Christ’s saving power, love and His grace, she has become the person she is today.

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Desiree’s Hope