Dark Yesterdays Bright Tomorrows


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As a Texas-based solider in the US Army, who is but twenty-three years old and black as well, Corporal Tyrone Lattimore is generally regarded as soft-spoken, intelligent, highly proficient, and compassionate. In some circles, however, the corporal is perceived as an enigma-a man who marches to the beat of a different but benevolent drummer, and that, alternately, makes him a very controversial figure. Seemingly, he has no inhibitions, no hidden agenda, no feelings of ill will or animus and exudes an insatiable love for his fellow man-regardless of a person’s race, religion or gender. He’s acutely aware that everyone has a special story, sometimes easy and sometimes hazardous, and he stands ready to help them navigate through it. To him, it’s an engrained calling.

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Dark Yesterdays Bright Tomorrows